Sunday, September 30, 2007

004 Harpies Outbreak

This strip came from a Greek mythology story. In the story of Jason and the Argonauts, Zeus punished the blind prophet Phineas by putting him on an island with a whole feast as well as a couple of Harpies. Everytime Phineas approached the food, Harpies would attack him, snatching his food forcing poor Phineas to starve. Eventually Jason killed the Harpies and saved the day.

In this strip of Prophet Buddy, the mouse refers to the seagulls as harpies as they steal his half of the sandwich. The cat, bothered while eating his half, swats at those pesky birds and 'accidentally' hits his buddy, scaring the seagulls away. What a hero!

Speaking of something, the cat is wearing a 1984 Olympic watch. These watches were so cool, everyone I knew had one, or two, or three. I never had one, but have always wanted one. I tried finding the actual image of the watch online for reference but had no luck. It's amazing, in 1984 they were all over the place, now it's like they were erased from existance.

Thanks to everyone with the emails, comments, myspace bulletins... for all of the wonderful response. I'm glad you all like Prophet Buddy so far, it really means a lot to me. If you keep watching em, I'll keep making em! Also thanks to Jasminsaurus for maintaining the myspace page and spamming everyone. If you haven't already, add Prophet Buddy to your myspace friends and drop Jasminsaurus & the Prophet Buddies a line. T-Shirts are on the way!


Josh 'Hat' Lieberman said...

Awesome as always.

I like that it was inspired by a timeless tale of greek tragedy (depending on who's point of view you look at it from, if you're rooting for the harpies, well then its heart warming chick flick).

also, why didn't prophet buddy see it coming?...

Anonymous said...

Damn! He was wrooongggg. Cant wait to see if he fucks up again!

Chris Battle said...

I can't go anywhere without seeing those damn '84 Olymics license plates ... why can't THOSE disappear from existence?