Monday, November 26, 2007

012 Told You So

This is my favorite strip of the season. I dredded working on it from the start, knowing it would be a lot of work. It took me four nights after work to produce (the average strip takes about a night and a half).

"I want excitement, I wanna Ah cha cha cha!" What movie is this line from?

I'm not really a background artist, so for this strip i did a lot of referencing, well, not that much. I referenced "A Boy Named Charlie Brown." The painterly style and the colors are really awesome in this movie, something I haven't seen in anything recent. Also there are a lot of shots that are flat without any perspective or horizon, I find it very interesting since this movie was made in the early 60's.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

011 That Turkey

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, that turkey sure was good! Speaking of turkey, this is the second time we see Grandpa Turkey in the season. It was actually this episode that Grandpa Turkey's character was created, even though he had an appearance four episodes prior to this one. In the seventh strip I didn't have a character for the bartender, so I decided to throw Grandpa Turkey in there. But it was this episode he was originally introduced into the Prophet Buddy cast, you can't have Thanksgiving without Native Americans... makes perfect sense right?

Also, Matt Danner, voice of the Prophet Mouse attacked by paparazzi! I have to go hide now.

Friday, November 16, 2007

010 Kitty Cold & Tshirts

So I've been getting a little lazy with the Prophet Bloggy, I apologize. I've been hard at work finishing up the season and trying to get some sleep. Kitty Cold sounds kinda like a fight I would have with my girlfriend, blaming her for something she couldn't prevent. Coincedentally my girlfriend wrote this episode, possibly she's trying to tell me something... Cover your eyes kiddies, this is the first episode we see the cat naked!

Tshirts are now available in the ColdHardFlash online store! To make sure everyone is aware, I've made a commercial. They'll make great stocking stuffers for the holidays and they'll boost your coolness factor up to level 10! Support FREE independent cartoons by giving us money! (That was a joke)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

009 Hairballs!

So this is what happens when I let someone else write an episode, completely random and nothing to do with prophecies. Actually in Bob's original story, the hairball beats up the cat and mouse. Something about a violent hairball doesn't sit right with me, so I changed it around a bit. Don't know what else to write about this strip, what do you want to know?

In other news, Prophet Buddy is on iTunes! Go to the iTunes Music Store and do a search for "Prophet Buddy" and subscribe to the podcast! Now you won't have to bother coming to the Prophet Buddy website because you can automatically receive the new strip every Monday when you launch your iTunes library.

Also I've made a Prophet Buddy page on, so you can now embed the strips on your myspace pages, blogs, or other peoples comments!

The first season is halfway through, 9 more episodes to go. Thanks for stopping by!