Friday, March 21, 2008

020 Prophet Bunny

I was going to post this one on Monday, but it's my birthday, so here's my bday gift to you!

I tried extra hard on making the backgrounds look nice in this strip, I don't know why, I have issues, I suppose. Here's some of the backgrounds:

Reference: A Boy Named Charlie Brown

Reference: The Flintstones

Reference: Yogi Bear Show

This one I stole directly from "It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown" In the board I drew Woodstock inside the nest when the Mouse rises up with the egg. I omitted him because I got scared, so instead I made the nest Woodstock's nest and gave the easter egg in this scene a Charlie Brown stripe.

Reference: None. MUSTARD FREE INSIDE!!!

While making this episode I was experimenting with "cheating" the cuts between scenes. Here's one I'm still questioning whether it worked or not...

This shot and the shot below, together make a 'jump cut,' which is often avoided when planning shots. I didn't want to animate the Mouse actually grabbing the egg while lifting the rock, to do that I would have to make some sense out of super long mouse arms. So instead I decided to make this jump cut, and threw in a 'THUD' sound effect to hide it. Did it work??

I enjoy this scene in the new strip. When I boarded it I had drawn a tooth next to the egg, but it wasn't until I was animating the scene that I thought of having the Cat missing a tooth in his take. I was very proud of myself at the time, I was also buzzing off Red Bulls.
The return of the Harpies at the end was Matt's idea when we were recording the strip. I don't know what else I can add to this statement. I thought it was a funny idea.