Monday, August 4, 2008

034 The Greatest Idea!

So here we are, the end of the second season. In hindsight it seems like it just flew by, but while I was working on it I couldn't wait for this day. Now I can return to having a life away from a computer. I can re-establish a relationship with my girlfriend, video games, the sun, television, the gym, booze, you name it! The world is my oyster! I'm not sure when I'll begin Prophet Buddy season three, I'm pretty burnt out on writing and animating at the moment and need some time away. Once I regain the energy I'll jump right back on. In the meantime, check out all of the other comics and cartoons that are over in the links section of this blog. All of these links are way funnier than Prophet Buddy. Thanks everyone for watching!

This strip was written by my Dad, who likes cartoons more than I do! He wrote:

"Cat is sitting under a tree and gets the greatest idea. He runs to tell Mouse, before he can tell him, Mouse says 'No'. Just like work, just like life."

It wasn't long after he wrote it when I rewatched Real Genius, another one of my favorite movies, for a hundreth time. There is a sequence in the movie where Val Kilmer gets the greatest idea while sitting under a refrigerator. So I used/stole that sequence for this last strip of Prophet Buddy. In the storyboard, I matched pretty much every shot from that sequence and tinkered with the dialogue so it would work with Dad's idea. While recording the dialogue, Eric Bauza and I watched that sequence over and over getting the voices to match the movie exactly. Here is my rough cut of the strip so you can see what I'm talking about:

Coincedentally, it's my Dad's birthday tomorrow, Happy Birthday Dad!


Niko Anesti said...

This was awesome, the animation was just simply amazing in this one! It matches up with the movie really well, right down to certain takes, poses, and dialog. For some reason, I really love the cut right after Cat sits against the tree and is facing more forward; the grunt and the animation along with it just natural, it's perfect! Have a good time with your vacation from the strip, hah.

Unknown said...

Nice nice nice. I laughed harder at this one than any episode yet! I'm going to miss Prophet Buddy while it's on hiatus, but I've already started writing and designing my own little flash cartoon, so I'll have something to work on.

Thanks for all the inspiration!

Unknown said...

Far and away your best effort. I like how the scenery changed, and the different characters. Awesome!

alex dron said...

great work, really inspiring stuff. Just watched a few episodes for the first time...fuunny

Anonymous said...

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