Monday, May 19, 2008

023 Math Homework

This strip was written by the young and talented Josh Lieberman. He's a pretty big fan of the show and a good friend of mine. I met up with Josh a few months back and he had brought me a storyboard he had drawn up for an episode of Prophet Buddy. The board was very detailed, well-drawn, and very funny, therefore I couldn't use it as an episode. Prophet Buddy episodes are not suppose to be detailed, well drawn, and funny, it's part of the series's charm. Josh had also pitched me the math homework story which he had not boarded or thoughtout all the way through, which was perfect. I instantly visualized it in my head as something that could be told under a minute with my mediocre drawings. So go to the Prophet Buddy site now and watch it in all of its glory! Thanks Josh, I hope you and everyone else likes it, if not... YOU'RE FIRED!

Here's Josh's storyboard:

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Joseph Candelaria said...

probably my favorite episode so far, keep up the good work man!